Config Kaz 5 (demo) presentation​

Be careful, this version is outdated (11/2010)

Config Kaz 5 remains the free demo for automatic installer "config Kaz 6".
It incorporates XBMC, a manager frontend libraries of videos, music and photos, in an old version (Dharma) combined with MPC-HC player to turn your PC into a multimedia platform as attractive as it performs. Fully configured with my settings, it allows you to benefit from my years of testing over the exceptional progress of enthusiasts in the field of free software for video playback on PC.

If you do not know what XBMC is, you can view the photo album below which describes the possibilities offered by this frontend. It is associated with the impressive quality of Media Player Classic Homecinema. This player optimizes playback of HD video formats dematerialized 720 and 1080P, and all audio formats including AC3 and DTS to name a few. Accepted almost all existing video formats and playback BluRays application compatibility even if their progress.

The setup therefore includes 2 choices of settings for broadcasters 720P and 1080P.
You only have to choose the one that suits you!
Thus, the reader will possess your own settings diffuser, which allows it to adapt to most four different types of videos to improve their image: DVD, HD720, HD1080 and DivX.

But to get a real adaptive setup, you have to go to Config Kaz 6.

For details about this package, from the 0.3 beta, settled programs MPC-HC (with EVR renderer), XBMC, ffdshow and reclock, all obviously set in the purest tradition Kaz!

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Watch how XBMC works !

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