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Config Kaz VI presentation​

After two service years, Config Kaz 5 leaves place to the 6th, with a new setup to bring you more facility and adaptability to your hardware :

_ 6 outputs for sound (7.1, 5.1, 2.0 HDMI, analog, Spdif...)
_ 4 processors power,
_ 4 display resolutions (4K, 1080p, 768p, 720p),
_ 3 graphic cards power,
_ hardware decoding and avisynth options

Questions to know if your hardware will be enough powerful to enjoy it are OVER, the config adapts all the software to it !

Two different packs will complete each other :
_ the "Archive pack", a free pack containing all software like a zip file with auto setup,
_ the Setup by himself, sold 4$, which allow you to set all software thanks to more than 600 code lines.

The second feature is the capacity for the setup to be used several times without having to install the archive again, then you can change settings every time you want in about 10 seconds.

For the software, the config now incorporates new stuff :
_ XBMC EDEN with a better skin
_ madVR, the best video renderer (better sharpness, flow motion, colors...)
_ LAVaudio, video and splitter, very powerfull decoding software
(better sound and subtitles management, harware decoding without eliminate ffdshow...)
_ the last stable versions of MPC-HC, ffdshow and Reclock
_ some new settings more powerful and available updates

And even more :
_ a complete PDF user manual with complete informations to adapt the config to YOUR hardware
_ a video pattern to make basic (but very important) settings of your display

Why have done a paying setup ?

This question has already been asked to me and I prefer to answer it here. This paying system has his detractors, I understand, but generally, softs under GPL licences (free) casts a favourable light on their coder, for two principal reasons : they show their gifts with it and seduce big companies to hire them, or it promotes other software, but in shareware version.
But, I aim for no one of this, I'm not informatician, but I have just created my own micro-entreprise in HC services and I need to make profitable the 100 hours spent on config kaz 6 setup elaboration, without counting time for forum answers and hours of testing to make good settings choices.

I hope you accept to give a small contribution, small because I prefere to choose a very little and attractive price to allow the most enjoy my new config without his cost being detrimental.

Thanks and good movie sessions,

PS : many thanks to Madshi, Didée, Nevcairiel, James , E. Piat, and all other developers like the XBMC team.

A video player with the most wonderful image quality ever seen on HTPC, a beautiful and practical media library center

During the day after your paiment, you will receive an email with the setup link



Before that, you can download the archive pack here :

And NOW the FRODO UPDATE for XBMC, the brand new one since january 2013, which is installing like a zip forlder without erase your old XBMC of CK6 :



Reach forum support on HCFR :

Now version :

Setup 6.0.9 ; Archive pack 6.0.9 ;
Frodo update


Example of an image displayed
by the config in the most
powerful version

(clic to watch it bigger)

Watch how XBMC works !

// Version 0.9 (pack + setup)
_ madVR 0.86.1 (included smooth motion)
_ lavfilters 0.55.3
_ avisynth compatible MT
_ XBMC Frodo available by update
_ new script detection for x86/x64 OS

// Version 0.8
_ madVR 0.85.6
_ scraper passion-xbmc changed by media-passion
_ some errors fixed

// Version 0.7.1
_ added fanarts "config kaz" in XBMC

// Version 0.7
_ MPC setup in register
_ new sharpen shader for the lowest CPU configuration
_ added GPU detection to set the lowest CPU configuration

// Version 0.6
_ MPC (compatible shader with madvr)
_ avisynth plugins up to date
_ added rescue avisynth.dll ( for SetMTmode compatibility
_ network error fixed with reclock
_ playercorefactory fixed
_ madVR mapping in use instead of ffdshow

// Versions 0.4 et 0.5
_ new detection code for 32 or 64bits OS
_ new frameworks detection code
_ new detection code for setup already done once
_ hotlink icons modification
_ added visual C++, framework 4 and dlls to maximize XBMC compatibility
_ few updates
_ some errors fixed

// Version 0.3
_ pdf browser added
_ mkv to MPC association added
_ user manual added
_ set up pattern added
_ media passion scrapper added
_ XBMC Eden opening fixed on Seven without SP1
_ some errors fixed

// Version 0.2
_ deep setup modification with now register keys used
_ system folders used for setup
_ avisynth added
_ avisynth and madVR final optimizations
_ adaptive resize function added
_ avisynth settings selective function added
_ ATi GPU detection function added

// Version 0.1
_ MadVR, LAVaudio, LAVvideo, LAVfilters added
_ setups creation with freewares on a side, and setup on the other side
_ new setup with full customization with 4 CPU power,
_ 3 GPU power + hardware decoding,
_ 4 resolutions screens choices,
_ 6 output sound choices,
_ update for MPC, ffdshow, reclock
_ XBMC Eden added with new personalised skin
_ setups 32 and 64bits melted

Config Kaz VI

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