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The Config Kaz VII


With the launch of the 13th version of XBMC, named Gotham, the Config Kaz goes to version 7 and take the opportunity to develop its capacities in image treatment by adding Avisynth scripts, the most powerful treatment available on a computer, something never seen on a turnkey setup !


The structure of the program changes to allow you to choose the image you prefer, according to your display and the power of your hardware. The Config fits again better onto your computer.


  • 6 outputs for the sound (7.1, 5.1, 2.0 en HDMI, analog, Spdif...)

  • 3 screen resolutions (4K, 1080p, 720p), each of it including :

    • 3 CPU powers,

    • 3 graphic card powers,

    • 12 avisynth scripts extremely effective

    • ​68 ffdshow presets, one for each combination Display/CPU/Vidéo

An opening to home automation appears for the first time in Config Kaz, with :

  • Eventghost, a very powerful program to control your computer, and all devices on your network,

  • XBMClauncher which allow launching XBMC before Windows Explorer : you will never see Windows desktop if you don't want ! Your computer becomes a multimedia player.


Two zip packs complete each other :

  • the archive, free pack with all programs in order of function,

  • the Setup, sold 4$, which include all the preset with more of 1200 coding lines...

The setup can be set at your will how many times you want to change your preferences and try other image treatments, without reinstalling the archive

Other new things on Config Kaz 7 :

  • XBMC Gotham with 2 skins one of which wonderful Xperience,

  • madVR, still the high-end video renderer, in its last version (adding some image treatment, like dithering, deBand...)

  • MPC-BE, is MPC-HC player with a nicer design,

  • a more detailed manual,

  • two video patterns to set your display,

  • a GUI to help you complete adjustments of your computer and your display (TV, projector...)

and of course :

  • latest versions of ffdshow, Reclock, LAVaudio, video and splitter, the still high-performance decoders.

Thank you, and good shows,


A video player with the most wonderful image quality ever seen on HTPC, a beautiful and practical media library center

During the day after your paiment, you will receive an email with the setup link:



Before that, you can download the archive pack here:




Now versions:

setup ; archive


And the update for Kodi:







Example of an image

displayed by the config

in the most powerful

version :​

(clic to watch it bigger)


Watch how XBMC works !

(put your mouse on pictures to see the comments)


// Version

_ new madVR 0.88.10

_ support directX11 et 10bit

_ update LAVfilters 0.65

_ fix for archive detection at setup launch


// Version

_ fix presets launching for ffdshow audio

_ reclock goes to unknown mode for framerate detection


// Version

_ Fix Eventghost GUI launch

_ Fix manual for PCM advices

_ Fix PVR launcher

_ Fix XBMC auto launching with XBMCLauncher Shell

_ Upgrade for Artefact Reduction Scrip


// Version

_ Launch fix for Natural Processing remix by Kaz


// Version

_ launch fix of Remote Kaz

_ added Eventghost config 32 and 64bit

_ added several avisynth plugins


// Version

_ added copy Frodo database to Gotham

_ writing user manual for V7

_ corrections in some functions and bugs (skin xperience, setup uninstall)

_ added backgrounds made in Kaz

_ added choice confluence skin


// Version 7.0.4

_ added english messages on script part (user choice)

_ added special pattern 19IRE made in Kaz

_ added Evenghost

_ added remote Config Kaz to Eventghost, launched at the end of the install


// Version 7.0.3

_ setups french and english in one only

_ new setups of MPC, with subtitles database, auto output, keep history and timing, new hotkeys, new subtitle style, icons...

_ set up of XBMC Gotham with new skin Xperience

_ added script modification of LAVvidéo, audio, splitter, shaders

_ m2ts, avi, bdmv associated with MPC

_ new madVR setups


// Version 7.0.2

_ added 32 avisynth scripts with video individual testing, and CPU GPU power consumption measuring

_ 68 ffdshow profiles creation on an Excel table and then inculded in the setup

_ user choices organisation and associated coding to the registry

_ LAVaudio set up directly from the installer

_ update and improvement of setup compatibility

_ introducing new conditionnal tasks


// Version 7.0.1

_ New setup organisation and user choices

_ update madVR, MPC-BE, XBMC with Gotham, LAVfilters


Config Kaz VII



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